Surprise! Ron Paul Cut From Electoral Puppet Show

June 11, 2012

With Ron Paul now officially out of the presidential race, the true colors of the one-party political system in the U.S. are fully on display.

Ron Paul was the only candidate this year who refused to join the Bailout Party by voting against TARP.

With Paul gone, the 2012 election is set for an exact repeat of the 2008 election, in which every candidate shamelessly pledged support for lavishing trillions of dollars on the Wall Street welfare queens masquerading as capitalists and job providers.

The 2008 electoral puppet show featured four slavish ignoramuses distinguishable only by the color of their bankster jerseys.

The blue muppets in that foul year were Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who joined the spineless Senate majority in its 74-25 vote for TARP.

The head red muppet was John McCain, who actually tried to paint himself as the only choice for head Wall Street servant: "I commend the House of Representatives for coming together to pass the economic rescue bill today. I'm glad I suspended my campaign to go back to Washington to help bring the House Republicans to the table."

McCain's understudy was Sarah Palin. Not content with the intellectually bankrupt tanks-in-the-streets doomsday scenario spoon fed to her counterparts, Palin informed Katie Couric that TARP had to be passed "to help those concerned about healthcare reform."

For those keeping score at home, the Bailout Party won the 2008 election. It will win again this year, too.

This year the head red muppet will be Mitt Romney, who was in favor of TARP bailout money going to his buddies in Wall Street banks (but was curiously opposed to the auto bailout).

The only mystery left in the 2012 election is when--not if--Romney's eventual running mate will declare his or her support for further Wall Street bailouts, which are inevitable in a casino with high takeout rates needed to pay for bonuses.

Take Marco Rubio. The U.S. Senator from Florida, who went on the record in opposition to TARP, has an 18% shot at the nod for VP nominee, according to intrade. But like another junior senator (from Illinois) before him, Rubio's choice of powerful staff members should be a warning to look past his blustery rhetoric. Rubio's chief of staff, Cesar Conda, was an aide to VP Dick Cheney and has deep financial ties to a corporate lobbying firm.

Sound familiar? It should. Just look at Obama's top staff, a collection of failed economic advisors under Bill Clinton who remain determined to perpetuate the Wall Street kleptocracy that's driving the economy not just into the dirt, but 6 feet under.

Whatever happens at the GOP convention, it'll be just another puppet show with bailout socialists and crony capitalists pulling all the strings.