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"It's a superb effort -- a unique look at America and what it has become, along with the wreckage that has been laid upon the land by the kleptocracy of Wall Street and Washington DC."

"Superbly directed by Sean Fahey, “Bailout” is a powerful film that takes a look at the housing disaster that has taken place across America in recent years, the events leading up to the crash and the corruption that exists behind the scenes."

"Titus is a fascinating character—a boozy, smoking, genius-type who embodies at once Hunter S. Thompson and Oscar Acosta."

"BAILOUT is a superb addition to an emerging genre of film - the Wall Street Crime of the Millennium Tragedy."

"It is a must-see movie both because of its hard-hitting expose on Wall Street fraud and because it shows the effect of that fraud on the 99% more viscerally than any other movie I’ve seen."